Day Fourteen #30dayswild

After a really lazy morning we headed over to Grandad’s field this afternoon. With nothing wild actually planned we crossed our fingers that wild things would occur, and they did. Today We went wild in a field (without a plan).

Grandad took full advantage of the free and willing labour so we set about collecting gooseberries. We learnt that they are prickly.

Almost got lost in the gooseberries.

Apparently they are tasty raw…. blurgh. She ate loads!!

We found lots of snails and other bugs. This lucky (and of course, very hungry) caterpillar was fed a gooseberry.

Mummy reclaimed the raspberry plants from nettles and sticky weed, sadly no photos but I did an excellent job.

Generally a pretty wild time was had roaming the field, with the dogs, under the watch of the beautiful Carneddau hill.

This sets us up brilliantly for a future jam making post.. watch this space.

Day Thirteen #30dayswild

We headed off on an afternoon adventure today to visit a bird hide.

We chose to go all out and visit the hide at Bwlch Nant yr Arian, a Natural Resources Wales site where the Red Kites are fed daily, so we were sure we’d see some fantastic birds.

Even the walk to the hide was pretty spectacular.

In the hide we were incredibly close to where the kites were being fed.

We could see them in the sky…

… on the ground…

.. and all the swooping inbetween.

It was perfect for our adventurer to get a close encounter with what must have been hundreds of Red Kites.

We even spotted a tiny frog.

We really love this place and have visited a few times before. Take a look at our blog for the accessible Barcud Trail on which the hide is situated.

For those who’d like to explore in more detail you can borrow an Explorers Pack from the visitor centre. This includes information, binoculars, a bug pot, equipment for tree rubbing and other bits and bobs.

There are also two great playgrounds and a huge bird feeder at perfect bird watching height.

A lovely wild afternoon with lots of bird hide action.

Day Twelve #30dayswild

We really love where we live and all the beautiful places on our doorstep. This afternoon we visited friends with the perfect place for adventures right behind their house, so we went wild in the woods.

A short walk along a footpath..

.. then into the trees.

Down a hill…

… to play in the river.

Mummy paddled too…

… Daddy stayed dry.

We even had a close encounter with a heron.

After this the smaller adventurers had a race to see who could get naked quickest and then had the best time being completely wild.

Wonderful memories.

Day Eleven #30dayswild

Earlier this year we had our tiny yard paved leaving us with a completely blank canvas i.e. completely no wildlife. We’re using #30dayswild to help us give our outside space a nature friendly boost. Due to the small space we’re trying to plant as many things off the ground as possible so today we made a milk bottle fence planter as part of our vertical garden.

We started off with lots of empty, clean, 4 pint plastic milk bottles.

Then we chopped bits off them so they look like this..

Or this..

Then we slid them onto a piece of wood and hooked it onto the fence.

Inside our milk bottles at the moment are; herbs that are planted inside them and seedlings in bio-degradable pots that are getting used to the outside before being planted out into bigger pots or the ground.

We then made sure they were watered.

We are taking a photo a day of the yard so hopefully we can look back and see the transformation at the end of #30dayswild. I can’t wait for things to flower!!

Day Ten #30dayswild

Today we’ve enjoyed all of the good things; sun, sky, grass, trees, food, drink, tractors and bouncy castles.. a really wild party in a field!

So wild in fact, that mummy only took one photo.. but be assured there was lots of running barefoot through the buttercups to go along with the bouncing and tractor riding.

It was also a great spot for watching Red Kites, something we take a bit for granted here in mid-Wales.

Day Nine #30dayswild

We got a bit crafty today and finally got round to completing one of our activities from our May (oops) Mud & Bloom box. We gathered some wild things on our walk and made a nature loom.

We started off with our bits and bobs.

Made a loom using sticks and wool.

And wove our wild finds in.

We even had a wild visitor while we were crafting.

A fun evening activity after a day of shopping (urgh).

These Random Acts of Wildness are good for mummy too 🌼

Day Eight #30dayswild

Today is Friday so we ventured out for our weekly Wild Welly Walk, as part of the Family Walks Network, and did some outdoor adventuring with friends.

We wandered through the woods and right under Caban Coch dam near the Elan Valley visitor centre, stopping to check out the awesome scenery (not many photos, I was too busy chatting, oops).

Then we spent the next few hours in the fab play area with the most magnificent backdrop.

We are really enjoying our weekly outdoor adventuring; hanging out with our friends and making new ones, all in wild places 💚

Day Seven #30dayswild

I won’t lie, we have had a remarkably unwild, sofa-based day today. So I’m really quite thankful to #30dayswild for getting us out of the house for some evening outdoor time (on a trike).

It’s always different being outdoors in the evening, there was a whole lot of bird chatter and plenty of sparrows flitting about. Our adventurer really surprised me when she suddenly shouted that she had spotted a bee, I had no idea she was even looking! Proud mum moment.

We had a good look at the flowers on the roadside.

Nearby is a disused road that has been left to grow wonderfully wild. It’s a lovely place at any time of day but the smell of the hawthorn (I think) in the evening makes me so happy.

So we zig-zagged around a bit and then trundled back home, chatting about many things (paw patrol, poo, boobs etc) but also about the trees, flowers and birds that we could see.

It was a perfectly timed bit of wild to end our pretty tame day.

Day Six #30dayswild

It’s hot, hot, hot here in sunny mid-Wales and we’re not venturing far with our slightly frazzled baby brother. In fact, the main aim of today is to chill, so we’ve done some listening to nature.

This is harder than it sounds with a wild child that doesn’t really stay still. It surprised me how much she enjoyed just laying down, looking up at the sky and listening… quietly… who doesn’t enjoy the quiet??!!

So this is where we lay, with four legged company of course.

And this is what we looked at..

We could hear the stream that runs near our house, birds chatting and the wind blowing the trees. It was lovely.

Since we did this, only 20 mins ago, there’s been such a still atmosphere in our little yard as our adventurer listens… it’s beautiful to see her taking notice, even if it’s just for a short while.

A really easy, peaceful Random Act of Wildness.