Day Fourteen #30dayswild

After a really lazy morning we headed over to Grandad’s field this afternoon. With nothing wild actually planned we crossed our fingers that wild things would occur, and they did. Today We went wild in a field (without a plan).

Grandad took full advantage of the free and willing labour so we set about collecting gooseberries. We learnt that they are prickly.

Almost got lost in the gooseberries.

Apparently they are tasty raw…. blurgh. She ate loads!!

We found lots of snails and other bugs. This lucky (and of course, very hungry) caterpillar was fed a gooseberry.

Mummy reclaimed the raspberry plants from nettles and sticky weed, sadly no photos but I did an excellent job.

Generally a pretty wild time was had roaming the field, with the dogs, under the watch of the beautiful Carneddau hill.

This sets us up brilliantly for a future jam making post.. watch this space.

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