Day Eleven #30dayswild

Earlier this year we had our tiny yard paved leaving us with a completely blank canvas i.e. completely no wildlife. We’re using #30dayswild to help us give our outside space a nature friendly boost. Due to the small space we’re trying to plant as many things off the ground as possible so today we made a milk bottle fence planter as part of our vertical garden.

We started off with lots of empty, clean, 4 pint plastic milk bottles.

Then we chopped bits off them so they look like this..

Or this..

Then we slid them onto a piece of wood and hooked it onto the fence.

Inside our milk bottles at the moment are; herbs that are planted inside them and seedlings in bio-degradable pots that are getting used to the outside before being planted out into bigger pots or the ground.

We then made sure they were watered.

We are taking a photo a day of the yard so hopefully we can look back and see the transformation at the end of #30dayswild. I can’t wait for things to flower!!

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