Pant y Llyn

Pant y Llyn is a blustery, beautiful hilltop wander with spectacular scenery and far-reaching views. It is particularly open on this hillside and therefore windy, even on hot summer days, so dress appropriately and take layers. There is a small parking area on the roadside which is quite bumpy. This is a great wander to take a picnic on as you can sit by the, more sheltered, lake side and take in the views while you eat. If you are feeling very adventurous then take a map and extend your walk, you really could go for miles, remembering a carrier for your adventurer.

Pant y Llyn

Distance: just over 1.5 miles

Time: About an hour (it took us 1 hr 20 mins with a short picnic stop)

Guide to Pant y Llyn

From the parking area follow the grass track and wander up the hill…

… around the corner…


… and over the brow of the hill.


Soon you’ll be able to see Pant y Llyn (the lake) on your right hand side, in the distance.


The grassy track curves around to the left and comes to a ‘T-junction.’


Turn right and wander down the hill towards the lake.



As you get closer to the lake there are a number of tracks. We kept right and wandered down to the shoreline.

Here we had a picnic and our adventurer loved standing on the rocks and looking into the water (with Daddy close by!).

We then followed the shoreline anti-clockwise, taking a small detour along a grassy track to avoid disturbing a fisherman. Our adventurer loved running up and down the small grassy banks.

When the weather has been dry there is a track all the way around the lake, however if you are wandering after the weather has been wet then you will need to walk higher up. Don’t worry, there are clear tracks, just keep the lake in sight so you don’t wander off-route.

Soon you will come across a small concrete dam. On our wander it was dry, however if it is wet you can cross the stream slightly further down. You will need a good jump or wellies!


Now keep following the shoreline until you come to a second dam. Our adventurer had a fantastic time jumping, running and climbing on rocks.

After the second dam there are two tracks, the larger one on the right goes around the small hill and the smaller on the left goes up the hill. Choose whichever you feel is best, they join together at the top. We wandered left…

Follow this grass track until you come to a fork. The right fork takes you back down to the lake, going left will start to take you back.

We wandered left and back up the hill that we came down earlier.

Whilst walking up this hill, take a moment to look back, it’s stunning!


Follow this grassy track up the hill and around a corner where you have a spectacular view of Pen-y-Fan in the distance (unless it’s cloudy). Keep looking for the grass track that leads up the hill to your left.


Keep following this grassy track, up the hill, along the top and around a corner, and eventually you’ll be able to see your car in the distance – if you can drag your eyes away from the amazing views of the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons on the horizon.

The terrain on this wander is pretty good for little legs however I would still take a carrier, or be prepared to rest, as the uphill sections on the way home seem like mountains after all the running about by the lake!

Use this map to guide you on your way. Click to enlarge.


Click on the map below to view it on ViewRanger.

The OS grid reference is SO 039 459.


This trail is located on common land to the south of Builth Wells, adjacent to Mynydd Epynt; it is not part of the military training area. The lake itself is managed by the Wye and Usk Foundation and you should contact them if you wish to fish.

Directions: From Builth Wells take the B4520 (Brecon Road) towards Upper Chapel. After around 3.5 miles take a left hand turn (see pic below). There are sometimes signs advertising eggs for sale.


Carry on along this lane for about a mile, through a farm and out onto open hill until you come to this parking area on your left, on the brow of a hill.

N.B. there is a similar parking area just before this however it is not on the brow of the hill.


Happy wandering,

The Beckingham Family

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