Day Sixteen #30dayswild

As promised earlier in the week, today we used up a whole 2kg of carefully handpicked gooseberries and did the only good thing you can do with gooseberries (in my opinion); we made jelly-jam!

It was definitely mummy’s activity today with a few helpful, and not so helpful (throwing in an entire lemon), moments from the adventurer.

We started out with our gooseberries and picked some elderflower from the tree outside our yard.

We crushed the gooseberries up with a rolling pin and boiled them for 5 minutes. For the second batch we added mint and thyme from our yard at this point too.

Then we pushed the cooked puree through a sieve. This isn’t a usual jam thing but as we were making a jelly-jam this meant that there wouldn’t be skin and pips in it. It’s a bit of a pain BUT it does mean you don’t need to top and tail the gooseberries to begin with which is a win in my books.

The smooth bits were then weighed, some lemon juice was added and it was boiled with sugar (the same weight as the puree) for 15 mins. We swished some elderflower round the first batch at this point.

Once it passed the setting on a saucer test we funnelled it into sterilised (recently dishwashered) jars, sealed and labelled.

Of course we tested a bit of each jam with some yoghurt and we can confirm that they are both YUMMY!

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