Day Seventeen #30dayswild

Birds, birds, birds. We are regular bird feeders, although a bit less regular in the summer, and we love to watch the birds that visit our garden. Today we refilled the seeds and made some quick fat balls for our feathered friends for feeding and watching the birds.

In our fat balls we put oats, sultanas, peanut butter, grated cheese and a small amount of lard.

We squished it all together with our hands and made little balls.

Then hung them up outside.

Putting the crumbs on the bird table.

We filled up our seed feeder too.

Considering we did this quite late in the day there was a surprising amount of action while we were eating our tea.

Binoculars ready…

Sadly my phone camera hasn’t got the greatest zoom through a slightly grubby window… so here are some grainy photos of Great Tits and Blue Tits feeding their babies!

One of them had three fledgling chicks. Too cute.

I’ll take birdwatching over tv any day.

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