Day Eighteen #30dayswild

As part of our #30dayswild we really wanted to create a wildlife space that we can observe and investigate through the coming months and years.

There is a small space outside our yard, next a quiet lane that we have decided to “wild” and today was the first day of the transformation. When we moved into our house there was an old Belfast sink half buried in the yard, this has now been reburied to create a mini wildlife pond.

The first task… to dig a big hole!

The sink went in.

We put in some steps so that if any animals fall in they can get out.

Very close to our house is a stream so we gathered a few more rocks, a log and water from the stream.

Tomorrow we need to have a hunt around the stream for some plants to put in our mini pond, but for tonight I’m pretty pleased with the beginning of our wildlife area.

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