Day Nineteen #30dayswild

Today we had a slight sink-pond malfunction as our plug seal hadn’t held and the water had mostly drained out. No problem, just clean it up and seal again… until I was moving the rocks out of the way and found a huge toad has already moved in!

Hopefully Toadie will make use of today’s construction so we can do our repairs; a frog and toad abode.

More digging to start with.. can you why we waited for Daddy’s days off!

Once we had our hole..

.. we carefully filled it with bricks, sticks, stones and logs to make a space with lots of places for frogs, toads and newts to hide and snuggle up in the winter, making sure we left spaces for them to get in and out.

At the back of the new abode we piled soil…

.. to finish we popped a slab over the top to keep the entrances safe and to provide a base for a future bug hotel.

As a finishing touch we collected some grass seeds from the verge opposite and sprinkled them onto the soil.

The malfunctioning sink pond and frog and toad abode are looking good in our new wild area.

Who will move in next?

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