Day Six #30dayswild

It’s hot, hot, hot here in sunny mid-Wales and we’re not venturing far with our slightly frazzled baby brother. In fact, the main aim of today is to chill, so we’ve done some listening to nature.

This is harder than it sounds with a wild child that doesn’t really stay still. It surprised me how much she enjoyed just laying down, looking up at the sky and listening… quietly… who doesn’t enjoy the quiet??!!

So this is where we lay, with four legged company of course.

And this is what we looked at..

We could hear the stream that runs near our house, birds chatting and the wind blowing the trees. It was lovely.

Since we did this, only 20 mins ago, there’s been such a still atmosphere in our little yard as our adventurer listens… it’s beautiful to see her taking notice, even if it’s just for a short while.

A really easy, peaceful Random Act of Wildness.

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