Day Five #30dayswild

Another day of sunshine, June has been beautiful so far. We dug out our plant pots and planted wild flowers (and some not so wild) for all those bees and butterflies.

Firstly we chose a pot, put gravel in the bottom and filled it with compost for our wild flower seeds that came with our #30dayswild pack.

Then we planted out some sweet pea seedlings that came in our May box from the fantastic Mud & Bloom. I would like to say that I’m not a natural gardener… and these sweet peas *might* be a smidge overcrowded…

Then we gave all of the plants and in fact the entire yard, a really good water.

Please excuse the barricades, our pesky hound likes trimming the leaves off anything he can reach!!

Hopefully over the course of June this will turn into a thriving, buzzing, beautiful space… it is a work in progress!!

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