Day Four #30dayswild

Our Random Act of Wildness today was wonderfully child-led and spontaneous; being creative in nature.

In the community garden met two lovely ladies who were hard at work sprucing it up a bit, so we joined in! Two hours later and our adventurer had gained a wealth of flower and wildlife knowledge, gleaned from the unsuspecting ladies by question after question after question!! A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Sadly there are no photos of this as mummy was too busy hoeing, sweeping, feeding a baby, shushing dogs and being generally forgetful, whilst trying to remember which plants were which…

Then, surrounded by her hard work, this adventurer decided to have some chill time drawing the flowers and appreciating the surroundings. Perfect.

Hopefully we’ll see these lovely ladies again and haven’t scared them off with this wild (and extremely chatty) encounter!!

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