Day Seven #30dayswild

I won’t lie, we have had a remarkably unwild, sofa-based day today. So I’m really quite thankful to #30dayswild for getting us out of the house for some evening outdoor time (on a trike).

It’s always different being outdoors in the evening, there was a whole lot of bird chatter and plenty of sparrows flitting about. Our adventurer really surprised me when she suddenly shouted that she had spotted a bee, I had no idea she was even looking! Proud mum moment.

We had a good look at the flowers on the roadside.

Nearby is a disused road that has been left to grow wonderfully wild. It’s a lovely place at any time of day but the smell of the hawthorn (I think) in the evening makes me so happy.

So we zig-zagged around a bit and then trundled back home, chatting about many things (paw patrol, poo, boobs etc) but also about the trees, flowers and birds that we could see.

It was a perfectly timed bit of wild to end our pretty tame day.

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