Five Bridges Walk – Hafod Estate

Fancy going on a bridge hunt? Then this is the wander for you! Hafod Estate has a number of excellent way-marked routes suitable for everyone, we decided on a combination of these to fit in as many bridges as possible. Whilst the paths are clear, they are sometimes steep and narrow with drops into gorges so be aware. There is a good carpark and maps for £2 but no other facilities on site.

Five Bridges Walk – Hafod Estate

Distance: almost 3.5 miles

Time: just over 2 hours – with snack stops


Whilst there is a map of Hafod Estate available we have decided not to provide a photo as money is raised through the sales. You can purchase on site or here “A Guide to the Walks.”

Start your wander from the carpark, clearly signposted from the road. Here you will find detailed guides to the area and paper maps for sale. Follow the signs for the Ystwyth Gorge Walk – the green arrows.

These take you down a stoney track and into the forestry. Other colour routes cross this trail so stick to following the green way markers.

Bridge one takes you high over the Peiran Falls…

… and into more tall forestry with a wide stoney track.

Bridge two is Chain Bridge which is not for the faint hearted (me!) It does shake, it shakes more with dogs… but the view into the Ystwyth Gorge is amazing.

The path gets really narrow for a while after Chain Bridge, there is a steep drop, hang on to those small people and dogs.

Bridge three is Dologau Bridge – much sturdier than the last! There are some lovely arched bridges here too.

Here we picked up the red “Gentleman’s Walk” route which pretty much goes straight on – look out for a stile and don’t cross over the “big” bridge to your right.

Follow the trail through a grassy field and onto a wide track – we did come across some forestry vehicles here so be vigilant.

Keep any eye out for the red way markers as the trail drops off the track to the right – follow the narrow path to…

Bridge four, Rustic Bridge. This is a full fairy tale bridge.

Staying on the red trail go back onto a wide forestry path towards….

Bridge five. Alpine Bridge takes you back over the Ystwyth and through a field.

We now joined the blue “Lady’s Walk” route turning right at the stone track and up to a view point.

You now need to look out on your left for a track with a yellow “Bedford Monument Walk” way marker. If you are looking at the Hafod routes map you will see a small white track that joins the blue and the yellow routes – take that.

Now you are on the yellow trail follow it through the woods until you reach a tarmac track and, eventually, the car park.

There are obviously lots of different ways to walk around Hafod, we definitely recommend buying a map. Have fun exploring!

You can find out more information about the walks available at the Hafod Estate website and Natural Resources Wales.

Click on the map to view on ViewRanger

Directions taken from NRW: take the B4574 from Devils Bridge to Cymystwyth. After 2½ miles turn right at a triangular junction. Follow this road, bearing right for another mile. The car park is on the left, just after the church.

Happy wandering.

The Beckingham family

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