Revisited: Llyn y March

Llyn y March is a wild, undulating, moorland wander with fabulous views across the Wales/England border country. It is exposed and open on the hilltop so remember to dress for the weather and wait for a clear day if you want to see the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons standing tall in the distance. In the summer you could take a picnic and sit by the sheltered lake to take in the scenery. There is off road parking on grassy ground and lots of other tracks to explore if you’d like to adventure further; remembering a map and carrier for those little legs.

Llyn y March

Distance: almost 1.5 miles

Time: around an hour (a little bit longer if you stop at the lake)


We popped back to Llyn-y-March on a gorgeous day as we knew the views would be outstanding… we were not disappointed. This is a wonderful hilltop wander that is perfect if you’re looking for a bit more wild on your walks. It filled us with joy to be standing on a hill, with the wind in our hair, looking far into the distance.



From the parking area; cross the road and wander straight up the grassy track opposite, heading up the hill.


It was a cloudy when we ventured out on our wander so you might need to use your imagination a bit (or plan your wander for a clear day!)… but in the distance you can see…



..the Brecon Beacons


and the Black Mountains.


Continue on the grassy track and over the brow of the hill.


There are some smaller tracks leading off to the sides – don’t take them.


Stay on the main grassy track, heading straight on, until this junction.


Follow the main track around to the left..


.. and then take the fist right hand track.


If you look across to your right you’ll see Llyn y March in the valley below.

Our adventurer had a great time looking in the grass; we’re not sure what for!

Keep wandering along the grassy track, up the gentle slope, along the side of the hill.


The track levels out at the brow of the hill and there is a big junction with lots of tracks meeting.


Take the lower right hand track that heads down towards the lake.


Follow this track down into the valley and around the lake.


As you begin to go up a small hill there is a track on your left leading down to the lake.


Here we met a lovely family with a remote control boat and spent a while watching it – the dogs were especially interested! We imagine this would be a great picnic spot in the summer.


When you have had your fill of lake adventures head back up the way you came and turn left at the main track.


This track will bring you back towards the road.


If you wish you can turn right and walk back up the road to the parking area. If you’d like a little bit more adventure then cross over the road and take the track to your right.


Continue along the grassy track until it goes down a dip, and then take the smaller, rougher track that goes off to the left which will lead you around the edge of another small pool.


Turn right at the stoney track and cross the small stream ( apologies for the quality of the following photos, operator malfunction…)


The parking area is visible at the top of the hill, keep going straight on!


Use this map to guide you on your way. Click to enlarge.


Click on the map below to view it on ViewRanger.

The OS grid reference is SO 151 479.


This wander is located on Llanbedr Hill (also called Painscastle Hill), which is common land.

Directions: from the B4594 in Painscastle take the road signposted ‘Hundred House 7 miles’, next to the Roast Ox Inn.


After around 1.5 miles the fenced fields on your left end and open out into hillside.


Travel up a small hill and you will see a metal pole with a sign on your right and the grassy parking area.


Happy wandering,

The Beckingham family

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