Mélo, Portugal

Our Mélo wander is a beautiful meander around the picturesque Estrela Natural Park area using tracks through olive groves and small local roads. This walk is a little longer than usual so we would recommend taking a carrier if your adventurer has quite little legs. This circular wander begins and ends at Honey House Stables where we stayed during our time in central Portugal, however it is also possible to wander from the village itself. 


Distance: just over 2 miles

Time: around 2 hours including a snack stop (and lots of pauses to look at ants…)


From Honey House Stables head out through the gate and along the track.


It took us a while to walk this short distance as our adventurer LOVED the huge ants and spent ages crouched down. We ended up walking ahead to “find more ants” for her to look at!


At the junction take the left hand turn, along the track and past some farm buildings.


Keep an eye out for other road users…

Take a moment to stop and look at the views to your left across to the mountains.


Continue along the track until you come to a road.

At this junction is a useful information sign with an explanation in English.


Turn left, down the hill, and keep following the road…

Until you come to some HUGE boulders. These were amazing and our adventurer (and Daddy) had lots of fun playing on them.


As you continue along the road you will arrive at a collection of building including a church.

This is where we stopped for a snack.


Then we went back in the direction we came from, saying hello to the cows.

Just after the stone wall begins on the left (see pic below) there is a track on the right. Take this track.


Follow this track down a hill and over a foot bridge.

And then up a hill and back towards the village.

There are lovely views everywhere on this wander, just look around!


When you come to the village turn left and walk up the hill.

At this building keep left.



At this junction turn left.


And down this road…


When the buildings on the left stop, take this left hand turn onto a track and over a bridge.


Wander past the olive groves.


At this junction go straight ahead.


Take the next right hand turn and wander back along the track to Honey House Stables.


Use this map to guide you on your way. Click to enlarge.


Click on the map below to view on ViewRanger.


Happy wandering,

The Beckingham Family

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