Water-Breaks-Its-Neck is a woodland walk with the added bonus of a waterfall and stream for lots of splashing! It is sheltered beneath the trees so is especially good when the weather is rainy or really hot. There is parking onsite and useful information signs. We have included both the short waterfall walk and a longer loop for the more adventurous wanderers in the step-by-step guide below. 

Water-Breaks-Its-Neck (short waterfall walk)


Distance: 1/2 mile

Time: 20 mins if you don’t include time for splashing and exploring

Water-Breaks-Its-Neck (longer loop)

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 45 mins – it took us 1 hr 10 mins with a wanderer


From the car park follow the track down the hill, past the information sign, and into the woods.








At the bottom of the hill you will come to a flatter, stoney area with a stream running through it.The path to the waterfall is on your left and runs down the right hand side of the stream.

We spent a lot of time splashing here, but be careful, some of the rocks are slippy for younger wanderers.

Follow the path next to the stream into the ravine with moss covered trees stretching up into the sky. Take some time to stand still and look up, the trees are pretty impressive.

As you turn a corner you see a wall of water and rocks standing in your way. Depending on recent rainfall you might hear the waterfall long before you see it. This wander took place on a damp summers day and we were able to walk right up to the waterfall. Our little adventurer loved putting her hands in the waterfall and watching the ‘bubbles.’

When you have finished exploring turn around and head back to the junction with the main track. As you approach you can see the stream entering a tunnel. We had a great time standing at either end and calling to each other.

On the opposite side of the track (where the tunnel comes out) is a lovely bridge and stream area, you might enjoy looking for trolls underneath it….


If you are doing the shorter walk, now is the time to head back up the main track to the car park, retracing your steps.


For those heading out on the longer loop, take the trail that forks off the path to the waterfall, heading up the slope (see map below if this is unclear). This part of the wander is a little steep and our wanderer required a hand to help her along.

You will come to a fork in the trail, take the left hand fork that seems to turn back on itself slightly. From here to the top of the slope is very steep and slippy. Most wanderers will need some help or even picking up to get to the top.

There are some way-markers on the path up as other trails join on, keep going up, past a house on your right until you come to a fork. Take the left fork to head across the top of the waterfall.

This part of the path has a steep drop on the left hand side and does not have a fence, so keep your little wanderers close! You will walk over a bridge where the stream that feeds into waterfall flows under. Be careful here too, there is a steep slope on the right hand side of the path.

Now you will start wandering down a much gentler slope with a wider path through the trees and a fence on your left. This will take you all the way down to the main track just before the entry to the car park.

Use this map to guide you on your way. Click to enlarge.

WaterBreakItsNEck DrawnMap.jpg

Click on the maps below to view them on ViewRanger.

The OS grid reference is SO 187 598.

Water-Breaks-Its-Neck (short waterfall walk)
Water-Breaks-Its-Neck (longer loop)








This trail is in Warren Wood which is maintained by National Resources Wales. They have some good information on their website.

Directions: From the New Radnor direction, after a mile look out for a brown advance warning sign for parking and information on your right. Turn here and go through the first parking area and follow the forest road uphill for Warren Wood car park.

Happy wandering,

The Beckingham family

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