Porto is a coastal city situated in the north of Portugal where the River Douro meets the sea. We were here for 4 nights and were lucky enough to be able to stay with a friend doubled up as the best tour guide ever! Here are some things that we did in Porto…

We stayed with our lovely friend who does rent a room out in her ocean view apartment through Airbnb. It was fantastic to wake up to this view every day.


As with any city visit we got to know the public transport pretty well. There were buses into the city centre a short walk away which was brilliant.

The gardens at the Palacio Cristal are a great place to let toddlers run wild. With peacocks wandering around, shady areas under the trees and a lovely playground it is definitely worth a visit when you’re in the city centre. Our adventurer loved the play area in the trees.


If you’re looking for food you could head to the Mercado Bom Sucesso. There are many different food stalls here so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.  We opted for a roast pork sandwich bar, which had children’s options too, and traditional Portuguese sauce. It was yummy, although the photo below maybe doesn’t do it justice as it’s been “deconstructed!”


The Atlantic Ocean is hard to miss when you’re in Porto. We were staying near to Praia dos Carneiros and the nearby Jardin de Passeio Alegre.



Of interest to grown-ups (and children that like awe-inspiring buildings) might be Torre do Clerigos, Estacao de Sao Bento (the tiles in the foyer are amazing) and Se Catedral (great views).


If you are after a fantastic viewpoint then the little known Miradouro da Vitoria is a quiet spot with a panoramic view of the River Douro.

View point.JPG

Sea food is a must when next to the ocean and we enjoyed some really yummy clams – a Portuguese speciality – and a medley of octopus, shrimp, monkfish and other bits and bobs at Mar Na Brasa. They were very toddler friendly, had a child’s chair and were happy to provide our currently not very adventurous eater with potatoes.


There are so many things to see and do in Porto that we didn’t get around to this time, like Port tasting! However, we really enjoyed ourselves and now knowing how accessible this city is we’re sure we’ll be back again.

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