Aberedw Castle

Aberedw Castle is a circular wander using public footpaths, through woodland and fields, that takes you past a motte and bailey castle. It is reasonably level and easy underfoot, great for little legs that are just beginning to try off-roading and not too exposed if the weather is against you. As with all well placed castles; the views are wonderful. Parking is on the road in Aberedw itself and there is a pub should you need refreshments.

Aberedw Castle

Distance: just under 1 mile

Time: 45 mins or around an hour if you stop to look at the views


From where you have parked walk back in the direction of the main road. As you wander past the last houses on the left there is a green Openreach box. Just beyond this is a footpath.


Continue along this footpath and go through the gate. It was a bit overgrown on our wander so be aware of brambles at toddler height.


Through the gate is a grassy track that leads round a bend and into woodland.


On your left as you enter the woodland are the ruins of a fortified castle – have a look at this website for more information; castlewales (referred to as Aberedw II).


Follow the track through the woodland, past some out buildings and on through the next gate.


Our adventurer had a great time looking for fallen leaves in this long, flat field. A great place for little legs to have a run, even if they are new to wandering.


The track takes you along the hedgerow and in between some trees to another gate. Look carefully at the footpath signs and turn left immediately through the gate and through the next, smaller gate.


At the top of a short hill is a gate which takes you into a field.


As you wander along the track keep an eye out to your right and soon the huge mound of the motte and bailey castle will come into view.


It is pretty impressive close up!


And the views from the top aren’t bad either…


Once you have explored this old castle, and imagined what people of the past might have done and seen here, continue along the track close to the hedge line.


At this fork head left, down a small bank.


Past these signs…


And over the stile on your left into the churchyard.


Continue through the churchyard and out through the gate at the far end. Whilst our adventurer is a little young, older children may find gravestones really interesting; consider doing a rubbing with paper and crayons.


Once through this gate turn left and you are back onto the road through Aberedw where you parked. Next to the churchyard is a pub which we unfortunately can’t review as we had a tired, grumpy toddler in tow by this point! Maybe next time…


Use this map to guide you on your way. Click to enlarge.


Click on the map below to view on ViewRanger.

The OS grid reference is SO 080476.


Aberedw Castle is on public footpath and dogs should be kept on leads. I’m a bit rubbish at history so before we went I had a read about the castles on this website.

Parking is on the road in Aberedw. There is only really one road through the village once you have turned off the B4567 and into Aberedw.

Happy wandering,

The Beckingham Family

2 thoughts on “Aberedw Castle

  1. Just did this walk with the dog, the views from atop the castle are lovely and its an interesting walk all round. Thanks for the great directions and map 🙂


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